AUDIO: How To Cut The Cost Of College

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Apart from health care costs, there’s almost nothing that goes up in this country like the cost of college. Up and up and up. Way faster than inflation. Families struggle to pay it. Students, graduates, struggle to pay it off. Last week in his State of the Union address, and in Ann Arbor, the President he’s going to do something about it.

Reward colleges that bring down costs. Punish those that don’t. There is all kinds of reaction to that, and a lot of thinking about how to change to rein in tuition.

This hour, On Point: Point of pain. Getting a grip on the cost of an American college education.


Henry Eyring, Advancement Vice President at BYU-Idaho, and author of The Innovative University: Changing the DNA of Higher Education from the Inside Out. You can find an excerpt from the book here.

Jeff Selingo, editorial director of the Chronicle of Higher Education, and author of the blog “The Next,” about innovation in higher education.

Nancy Zimpher, chancellor of the State University of New York, the largest higher education system in the country. She was one of a dozen higher education leaders to meet in December with President Obama at the White House to discuss ways to bring down the cost of higher education in America.

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