Clayton Christensen & Henry Eyring Discuss “The Innovative University”


The Authors Speak

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  • “This superbly documented book is a must read for anyone who cares about American universities and colleges and the invaluable role they play in our contemporary society. Henry Eyring and Clayton Christensen remind us of higher education’s history and thoughtfully examine the critical strands of its DNA that require ‘re-engineering’ to ensure survival and good Continue

    Molly Corbett Broad, President, American Council on Education
  • “The Innovative University offers fascinating new perspectives on very old questions. What defines a university’s identity? Are all universities cloned from the same ancestral stock? Are there still opportunities for diversity in American higher education, or is a┬ásingle ideal to be approximated with greater or lesser fidelity? These questions resonate through the book’s narrative histories Continue

    Harry Lewis, Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University